Born in Italy, I have a degree in Industrial Design. I then specialised in Fashion Design at the “Politecnico di Milano”.

In the early years of my career I worked with some famous Italian Design brands, Visual Art studios and prestigious multinational companies.

In 2009 I set up my first atelier in Milan, developing innovative ideas – such as the collection of the Flow eco-rings - being recycling at the centre of my interests. The same year I founded Ecopink, the first women-focused exhibition in Italy, which put together significant examples of artefacts made recycling industrial waste and obsolete objects. I also organized other cultural events that emphasized the importance of reducing waste disposal through creative reuse of materials. 

For my commitment on ethical and eco-sustainable topics, in 2012 I received the International Award "Una mimosa per l’ambiente".

Since 2014 I live and work in London focusing predominantly on painting and wall installations.


Several factors play a fundamental role in my work. Among these, discovering and embracing the Buddhist philosophy definitely influenced my style. The quest for the perfect balance between shape and functionality runs in parallel with the desire to reveal the innate possibilities of every material. This approach allows me to offer poetic and fascinating points of view on things, which go beyond their aesthetic and functional purpose to embrace the sphere of spirituality and wellbeing, in harmony with the environment that surrounds us. My work is quite eclectic and multifaceted, ranging from fine art to fashion design, to the creative direction of cultural events.


Geometric and colourful Mandala, in different sizes. Made with acrylic on canvas, they can be used not only to decorate the space, but to facilitate focusing and to help in relaxation and meditation.


A collection of wall installations, named Expellere, created turning recycled toilet paper rolls into flowers. This artwork is dedicated to nature and is intended to make the observers think about the role of the mankind in the environmental disasters.


Flow, a collection of rings designed using recycled disposable plastic straws. Handcrafted, ergonomic and ecological, with their floral shape they are the perfect jewels for women who like to follow an ethical and sustainable fashion.


Recycling exhibitions, including conferences; food experiences, shopping and workshops, aimed at promoting the creativity of artists, craftswomen and designers who, working with waste materials, rediscover their infinite potential.




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